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Babasaheb Naik College of Engineering, Pusad

The Tiger Session was Delivered Under The Campaign #TakeTheWickyChallenge on 5th April 2018 Amidst The Hot Temperature of Yavatmal Region. This was The First Time Wicky Had Been Invited To Deliver The Program for BNCE, Pusad & As Usual Like Everywhere Else, Wicky Received 100% Positive Feedback for His Program. Read The Love Below.

Pankaj Pathak

The trainer was knowledgeable because that shares best kniwledge about resume and that should improve the self confidence about the interview, thanking full meaning. East or West Wicky Sir is best.

Shreyash Naik

This training gives a lot of knowledge and fun, because all of these Wicky Sir, thank you.

Tejas B

Wicky sir is best teacher for me and I think that if any word is more Best than best then he will deserve that. Wicky Sir your mahol, I like you very much :)

Radhika D

Wicky sir is best person, he is very friendly, I am very comfortable to talk with him, he is very good trainer, before this I did not attend any seminar or training because I think that they are bore, but he change my thinking about training, thank you Sir.

Sonal Rathod

Thank you sir for this training session, I like your confidence while interacting with students, aapki peersonality bahot achi hai.. Nice to meet you Sir.

Sharayu Shirgire

Apka bolne ka tarika bahut acha hai, nature friendly hai..

Suraj Kulthe

Thank you for this training, I hope yopu will guide if I needed.


The trainer Wicky David has good in interaction with the students and the method to interact with the students is good :)

Snehal Chandrawanshi

It was an very food experience with you, nice to meet with you and see you soon :) An I will miss you...and no doubt your voice is awesome, I like it.

Shivani H

The trainer Wicky David was good in interconnected with us and I like your quality and your audible to us... And inspiring person at all, and I thoroughly enjoyed the session.

Shubham Bhone

I am very happy to attend your lecture and training session :)

Subam Debnath

This training is good with in short time, It will I can apply further interview and I am also make better resume.

Rohit Munde

Sir, it was my first experience of such type of training because I am not so taking interest, But when I join your class I will be think that I am a lucky one person who meet with such a frank guy like you. And you will be change my mind about interviews and your a frank nature person with whome I want to stay connected.. thank you sir :) :)


It is good experience for me and Wicky is always rock and it is good for me and whole day is memorable day and also I first time this type of interview. So thank you so much Sir.

Shubham Thoke

Sir Tumhi Khup Chan Bolta. That's All.

U P Bahekar

Personal Comment.. Thank You Sir...Aap bahot positive hai...aapne bataye chizon ka mere jeevan me har roj istamal karunga... Your Obidently.

V B Ghuge

Your speech is very inspirable for the interview and I am very inspire from your speech. It was very best. Thank you.

Shubham Raut

Sir your idea were clear and straight forward. You did your work and its our turn to execute these tricks in our professional career and in life. Thank you.

Nitin Gorad

Thanks for coming...Sirji...

Gopal G

The trainer is vey positive and gives good experience.. Very frank to all students and I am lucky one to get training from Sir... Thank You.

A V Patil

The trainer is very frank to student, he have good knowledge for student to connect to work, in a short time he gets attraction of every students and Can call student by his name.

Abhinav Mahamune

Formally I will tell Wicky Sir... The Sir is active and knowledgeable person who gave training in excellent way within short time and try to communicate with us, so Sir has good time management and punctuality skills.

Priti Bhujbal

Wicky... I was very lucky to attend your lecture again...if today I was absent so it would have been my loss in education.

Priyank Gedam

Wicky your personality is excellent and I can see your confidence while explaining to others.. thank you for your time for this session.


Wicky David Sir you are knowledgeable...I like the way you connect with students.

Bhagyashala Khadse

Sir you are very knowledgeable and this is best for learning me in my life... Thank you sir..

Sunaina Rathod

The trainer is full of knowledge, in this training few things about the questions in interview are cleared, I am satisfied with the session.

Shital J

Sir you are frank, good, confidant therefore student feel confident and taught from you.

Chaitali Waghmare

You are very perfect man.

Gayatri Chaudhari

Wicky...the training was very good I have enjoyed the training this is so comfortable to learn and for positively experience this.


Wikcy Sir is friendly and frank type person.


Talk about Wicky sor, according to my today's experience your nature free and frank and because of this we communicated with you frankly and got good knowledge from you.

Snehal Bhovate

Wicky Sir you are quite good in communicating skills. You has the good listening quality along with good personality. The patience level you have is appreciable, There are many things you cleared which are in my mind specially doubt for youtube and google.

Mayuri Dhore

Wicky ap bahot active or +ve thinking wale ho aur aap ki bahot capacity hai standing ki...aur aap any time matlab aaj bahot happy rahate he...aur aap ki bolneki style bahot mast he... :)

Giridhar More


Ashvin Bhaskar

Hi Sir, it was a nice experience to attend this session, in my point of view, you are very knowledgeble person, personally I am impress to you...your style...basically in profession and very friendly overall it was in a good. Thank you.

Amardip Tayade

The training was very important for point of view.

Sachin Lanjekar

Thank you Sir, Wicky Sir is very friendly in nature, and the knowledge and some important tips related to interview was given by sir is very helpful in life, once again thank you sir for coming here and motivate us.

Vaibhav Dharme

Than you for giving program Wicky Sir...and you are friendly in class.

Vishal Ade

I am happy for new knowledge. Thank you Sir !

Akash M

Wicky is a good trainer and he has to told every basic thing related to its communication skills.

Dinesh Jadhav

Thank you sir in this program is very nice and I am learn more knowledge.

Rohit Joshi

Wicky is very helpful guy, he was very insisting to get the answers...he is truly helping everyone... All the best...

Pravin Pawar

The training is very good... And got some information in future.

Amesh Dhorgode

Trainer is highly audible and over all program is excellent and it is very beneficial for our future.

Sujit D

Training is very good and trainer was very knowledgeable very good.

Pawan Paithankar

What knowledge share with us is very important my life so thank you so much for coming here.

Md Nasir Md Shafik Chavhan

Thank you so much for your valuable time and knowledge which is giving to us with very warmful attitude.

Sagar Thakur

Wicky Sir is friendly in nature...Wicky Sir is knowledgeable person... How to talk and how to teach student...

Priyanka Shiradkar

Wicky Sir, you are really share your experience with me which is greatful to me. I learn so many things from your experience and knowledge.. Thank you Sir...

Abhishek Maske

Nice program, we lean much more useful knowledge get fom it. Thank you.


Nice program, we learn much more useful knowledge get from it, Thank you.


Thank you Wicky, you giving the information about barclays to us.

Punam Dhole

The voice and communication is very good and your nature is friendly.


The overall training for us is beneficial for future objective.

Rakshanda Dudhat

Todays training was best because added inspiration and motivation self experience, thank you.


As compare to traning program this training is very food and knowledgeable, thank you Sir giving this knowledge.


It is the best opportunity for me, I have attend your lecture basically its best lecture in my college ever, I am appriciating your training...thank you Sir...


Sir you give us excellent is essential to learn all this thing that give us... Sir you teach answer for the company requirement that is helpful to us... Thank you Sir...


Sir, the training is very good and we learned many things from you...Thanks for this training...I am sor glad to say that you are so friendly as trainer.


Wicky sir, you are so knowledgeable and you help to meet my all expectaitons regardng this training, I am so glad if I got a chance to work under your guidance, thank you.


Thanks sir for such a good knowledge which is helpful for me.


Sir your teaching is very good, thank you so much for teaching.


Facilitator is giving knowledge very well, the teach and overall training is very good.


The trainer has a good knowledge about how to face the interview, he has given us a very good training, teaching about the resume, introduction and some interview related questions.

Apurva Ligde

The voice and the communication is good, I like your fluency in English, I like how friendly you are behaviour is, so that we can be comfortable.


The voice and the communication is good, I like your fluency in English, I like how friendly you are behaviour is, so that we can be comfortable.


Wicky is very kind person, very encouraging and also very good trainer, he makes us to laugh during the session.


Wicky is very interactive, attitude and personality, he has very good quality and friendly behaviour.

Pratiksha Rathod

Never had experienced like this, so thank you for directing us.

U P Bahekar

Wicky I like one thing during training in you that you shared your own experience.


Thank you for coming in my college.


The training given by you is good.


Training is good because trainer interacted and gave good knowledge for future goals.

Bhagyashri Rathod

Our respected trainer is a excellent because whatever he teached that is very much important in life which is helpful and as a person he is good by nature and he has good common sense, he share all experience, thoughts and experience in magical way, if I will get a chance then I will definetly want to work with him, Thank you for coming sir :)

Jyoti P

Wicky sir your personality is positive, strong. You are so motivated person I have met. In my point of view your belief is smartwork..wish you a very golden and bright future, thank you for your valuable training.

Kanchan Rathod

The program facilitator Wicky David Sir is knowlegeable and experienced person, he gives lot of knowledge to us regarding company recruitment. I am glad to attend this workshop, he is motivational person, I want to meet him in future to attend his seminar again.

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