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Appa Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kalburgi, Karanataka

The Tiger Session was Delivered on 9th, 10th & 11th January 2018. This was The First Time Wicky Had Delivered The Program Outside His Home State, Wicky Received 100% Positive Feedback for His Program. Read The Love Below.

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Vinay R K

Wicky I have learnt many things from you, Now I am confident that I can crack any interview. You are friendly, encouraging, knowledgeable. Thank You.


Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us Wicky.


It was overall good.

Soujanya M

Your friendly nature helped us to interact much in the session.

Deepa G

I have attended this kind of sessions first time, I am very happy to Sir like you. This sessions helps me to face all the interviews courage-ly and more than face easily. I learnt each and everything which I was not known earlier to give interview.

Basaweshwari Masarkal

The soft skill session training will be very helpful and in my further future. The trainer is knowledgeable. The way he interacted with the students is excellent. And from this training I can crack my interviews with well soft skills. And I got some very helpful tips and I am able to utilise my knowledge like your Sir, thank you.

M K Abhishek

Whatever was taught is excellent and is too much to remember so it was better if we get a printed copy of all the topics in course. Overall there was very too many new topics that we got to know.


As it was taught for the first time we are very happy to have sir like you. As you taught very new things which we don't know earlier and I will be very applicable for attaining our future interviews. Thank you for giving training and we got how to write an resume and more questions which will be asked by the HR for an interview. Thank you Wicky.


Mr Wicky David you have a food communication skills, when you talk with others automatically you will pay attention towards other students and encourage to pay attention towards you.


You are a good trainer who had given a opportunity to improve my knowledge with skills and also help me to solve my questions.


The trainer is friendly and the interaction helped me to learn more things. I strongly appreciate your communication skills and knowledge.


A good interactive session, was helpful in the enhancing my knowledge, got to learn many new things.

Suma Kakalvar

As a learner towards my goal and improving my skills and knowledge I found a best place. Today I got many things which made me to think the reality. I improved myself by attending these classes. Thank you for giving wonderful idea about whichever we not known.


The overall training was knowledgeable. Got to learn new things, as the session was interactive, got to know our weaknesses which can be overcome for the next time. The trainer was friendly and helped us the way we wanted.

Suman R I

I enjoyed the training as I learnt a lot from this session and I am sure that I will apply all these in my future questions. Than You Sir.


By learning the two days session, I can able to improve my skills, so its a good session. During teaching the voice should be little bit louder.

Kamalakshi Swamy

Wicky, Your training was productive and helpful. The way you carried out through the session was knowledge and fun oriented. I would expect you to train us again if possible where will get some new different things to learn and explore. Thank You.


Hi Wicky, you have great communication knowledge and you have brilliant knowledge about the interview. It was very best sessions that you taught us. It is very nice ! Surely it will work  lot in my future. Thank you for visiting here !

Naveen Huli

Firstly I will thank you for this soft skills training, I think you did a good job.


The training given by you is better. It had given lot of knowledge to me, it has help very much by attending classes and had learned little bit how to face the interview.

Vishwaradhya D

The training was excellent but it will not reach my expectation, because I am not able to speak good English, so you can teach that how to improve your English and how to handle group discussion. Thank you Wicky.

Jayalakshmi N K

I just want to say that this session by you was very useful to me as I came to know many things, information, skills that can be helpful for my job interviews and career ahead, even I would like to say that you have got a good sense of humour,  mean relating the present situation to another one which makes more clear and because of this quality in you I enjoyed allot in this session and gained sufficient knowledge as well.


Firstly Thank you for your valuable time that you spent with us to share the skills of interview. Personally, I really feel that this was needed. I must say that, your boosted me strength, confidence and hope that I will surely be giving my best now onwards in any interview I attend. And you have politely encouraged me though indirectly, to keep confidence in my words, that I speak and mentioned a lot that what we speak and how we speak matters. Thanking You.

Ashwini Sajjan

First I thankful to you Sir, giving your valuable time to train us. We can able to learn more soft skills from you Sir by training us. We came to learn soft skills, We have learned more soft skills from you sir.


The training was good. And it is helpful for career. I learned lot of new things in three days of training. Your training build a confidence that at least I could attend the interviews.


Overall training given by the facilitator Wicky David is goof. I learned some new things from your side.  The knowledge given by Wicky David I should utilised it in my career. Thank you for giving knowledge.


Thank you Wicky for this wonderful training. I had many questions as how to gain courage and confidence. I had really gained more knowledge from you, Your training was really helpful for me. This was my first ever training which has helped me in the best way.

Apeksha Kulkarni

I am very thankful to you as training you have provided is very helpful and good.


The training reached my expectation since the program facilitator was good in explaining all things which are helpful in my further interview.


I have learned so many new things from you Sir, your interaction with us was very good. We had fun too. You are very knowledgeable person.


Thank you Wicky, I am glad to give you the feedback. Your interaction skills and way is just really awesome, you create a friendly environment where in everyone can feel free to interact. You have a great knowledge and skills or way to answer any questions at the stretch at that moment which is really good. Your way of communication is very nice and even your body language. I humbly thank you for providing such huge and great knowledge which will be very useful.


According to my expectations the training was the best because I had come into know many of the things which was unknown for me. The interaction between you and us was good. I like the way you explained us about the interview by giving some example which was easy to understand that which are the problems or mistake that should not be done during interview. Somewhere there was missing missing is the communication between us.


Training was really good, very interactive and friendly. Got to know some good things. Sir you look like Rajkumar Rao. I loved your confidence sir and even your body language.


Thank you so much for providing so much of knowledge. I was not knowing many things about how to answer and what to answer in Interview. Thank you for encouraging for each and every answers given.


It was very helpful to develop my skill and I hope it can be easily applied to any of the interview. Real world examples makes us understand the concept very easily. Till now, it was first experience where we have gained something new and it was best. Hope, it is helpful if we are going to get a job by using all your suggestions, I am very glad and lucky to say it, this was it and first is always best.


This training was helpful for me to learn many things and I can implement it in my future. But I have one doubt, what if we have additional qualification but we are not certified for that, so should we mention therein our resume.


It was a good session except that we could have known more questions that are to be asked during the interview. The questions are being asked from our side; it would have been great if many questions and information were from your side.


You helped us to know at what level we can face the interview. But now as you trained, will try to follow all the instructions which have been said by you.


The training is good. It helps us to improve the soft skills and personality. I learned the much new things.

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