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Wicky David

Wicky David

Wicky David Born on The 24th of November is A Trainer, Coach and A Mentor for Students and Working Professionals from India. He was born in a Christian family. His father Worked in The Income Tax Dept. and Served Central Government, Wicky’s Mother is Housewife and Also Has A Elder Sister.

Life as A Child

From his early school days, Wicky was sophisticated and quintessence child, always reserved with his talk. And, today he has mastered the art of communication. Wicky was a shy child and because of this very nature always preferred occupying the last bench. This unknowingly helped him develop strong observational skills looking around everything else like a normal kid but with a different approach, observing to learn and observing to understand. Teachers’ usual complain parents for their children talkativeness; however with Wicky it was the other way round where Teachers used to complain his parent for being a silent kid.

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His Role Model

Wicky was always fascinated by his father. He liked getting dressed up in his dads formal shirt, pant and jacket along with shoes almost every day after school. Few day outs to his fathers office made him determined to choose a career where he would be required to dress up professionally.


His father wanted him to join the Income Tax Dept. after completing studies but as Wicky grew up he couldn’t imagine himself working at an old iron desk with aging files around for the rest of his life.


That’s when he started considering work opportunities which would make him travel often or as he says not remain in one place for longer.


This decision didn’t go very well with his father and he would often criticize Wicky for not choosing a Govt. job.

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Start of A Career

Wicky started working at the age of 17 Years with a BPO to finance his aspiration of becoming a commercial airline pilot. Soon the work, culture, perk and the challenges of this industry glued him, however he took a gap of few years to complete his education. He made a comeback with a serious ambition of growing and scaling heights in this sector.


Wicky joined a domestic BPO where he was the second best employee amongst the 178 others on the floor with call average quality score of 98% with highest lead generation month on month, Sadiq his friend was on number 1 position always until he resigned. After being on calls for little over a year, He participated in the internal job posting and competed with candidates senior to him in age and experience. With his exceptional attitude, presentation and skills Wicky got promoted as a “Trainer” at the age of 20 Years and from there he kept on mastering characteristics to shape up his ambition to be the one and what it takes to reach there. #trainerby20


Wicky Began His Career at The Age of 17 Years and Went on To Become The Youngest Trainer in The History of Organization at Age 20 Years. Achieving a promotion at this young age was a dream come true for him but also came with a lot of challenges and struggle due to his age. Watch This Video for More.


Initially, Wicky wanted to become a Team Leader, it was his floor manager Milicent fondly called as “Milli Ma’am” by all who tore the application of Team Lead and insisted him to fill for Trainer’s position. Wicky went on to work with this employer for exactly 4 years 11 months. He considers this tenure as his graduation years in career.

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Beginning of A Profession

After Becoming The Youngest Trainer in The Organization at 20, Wicky Went on To Work with Several Other Leading Organizations and Acquired Experience of Over 14 Years While Continuously Battling The Fire Wall of Only Making Lives Better of Those Working Under The Same Roof Knowing There are Many Who Needs To Be Uplifted. Thus Born The Training Company in April of 2017 While He was Still Employed.


It was his father who gave the first Yes to his decision of starting an enterprise and every day he works exceptionally hard to live up to his father’s trust.


The Brand was Officially Registered After His Separation from His Last Employer in September of 2018.


Wicky, has been delivering customized trainings to corporate houses of various sectors and educational institutions. He is known for his much extra ordinary ways of delivering sessions and public speaking. He always amuses his audience by being humorous.

Passion and His Source of Motivation

With over a decade of experience in bike riding, Wicky is passionate and obsessed about solo long haul touring on a motorcycle; the usual definition of long rides for him is at least 1000 Kms without a sleep over break. Unlike others who tour on a premium motorbike, he rides a single cylinder 135 cc commuter bike; he feels riding unconventionally and mechanically manual two wheels connects his soul to the machine. He fondly calls his motorbike as wife. He says, each trip teaches him something more about life and how you should approach it.


Recently, he added a car to his garage and does long interstate travel to fulfill his fantasy of driving a multi axle Volvo buses, when behind the wheel he liked to be called as “Volvo Driver”. The Car has been bought to be used for mean of transport for training projects across the nation.

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