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Those Who Say Perfect CV’s Don’t Exist Do Not Know How To Make One. I am Wicky David, India’s #1 Career Coach. Traveling Across The Country, I Have Trained Over 6,000 Students From Both IITs And Non-IITs To Excel In Their Interviews. I Have Helped Them Prepare ATS CV, Groomed Them, And Taught Them Everything They Need To Succeed. Today, My Students Are Thriving In Major Brands Where You Aspire To Work. Want To Know How I Can Create A Custom, Hand-Made CV Just For You? Scroll..

Customized CVs are Like Your Wedding Dress, You Don’t Buy it from The Ready-To-Wear Section, You Get it Stitched from A Master Tailor. Similarly, Your CV Should Not Follow A Generic Template Obtained from A Friend, Relative, Colleague, or 5 Min CV Ready Websites.

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The Unique Process of Hand Making Your CV by Wicky

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Data Collection

Stage 1 We start by gathering all relevant information about your professional background, skills, and experiences.

LIVE Designing

You will be LIVE with me, where I will share the screen and ensure your data is corrected and refined in real-time. This crucial process, taking approximately 90 minutes, guarantees that your CV content is accurate, well-organized, and tailored to your professional needs.

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Final Design

After the live session, your CV is meticulously crafted with a professional design. The final copy, reflecting our detailed discussion, is then shared with you in a secure, design-protected format.

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My Commitment To You Doesn't End With The Delivery of Your CV, Once You Receive Your CV, It's Time To Circulate It In The Job Market. This Is Where We Enter Stage 2. Together, We'll Observe How Your CV Performs Over The Next 30 Days, Gathering Valuable Feedback And Insights. Based On This Observation, I Will Refine And Optimize Your CV For Better Results, Ensuring It Stands Out To Potential Employers.

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Get All These from Hand Made CV by Wicky

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Your CV in PDF

This Format is Revered as The Most Easily Readable and Asked Format by Companies.

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7 Variations of Your CV

You Will Receive up to 7 Variations of Your CV According To The Job Market.

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12 FREE Changes Per Year

The CV file comes with Bonus of 12 FREE Changes That Lets You Have Me Make Any Changes To The CV Example: Update Photograph or Contact Details, Work Experiences and Skills Etc.

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Our CV Comes with 100% Guarantee of Providing You with A CV That Has ZERO Errors & is 100% ATS Compliant.

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FREE Access To Video Course

Get To Watch My Premium Course on To Make Your CV Visible and Get Maximum Interview Calls in Short Time. The MRP is Rs. 3000/- But You Get To Watch it FREE.

Why Choose Hand Made CV by Wicky?

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Unparalleled Expertise

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Tailored Perfection

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Personalized Approach

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Proven Results

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Continuous Support

CV By Wicky Has Helped Them Secure Top Jobs

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REAL CV By Wicky That Got Them Hired

Images Blurred To Protect Content, Check Bottom Right for Details

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Choose A Plan That's Right for Your Career Move!

All Plans Include: Data Capture, Data Correction and Formatting

  • Basic

    No EMI Available
    Valid for 30 days
    • Data Captured
    • Data Corrected
    • Formatted in A Templated
    • File Type: JPEG


    EMI Starts at Rs. 240/-
    Valid for 5 years
    • Data Captured
    • Data Corrected
    • Formatted in A Template
    • LIVE Screen Share Editing
    • Market Exposure
    • Market Correction
    • Customization
    • File Type: PDF
    • up to 7 Variations of CV
    • 6 FREE Changes Per Year for 5 Years
    • 100% ATS Compliant
    • 24by7 Tech Support
    • Free Access To Video Course
  • Standard

    EMI Starts at Rs. 155/-
    Valid for 5 years
    • Data Captured
    • Data Corrected
    • Formatted in A Template
    • LIVE Screen Share Editing
    • File Type: PDF
    • 6 FREE Changes Per Year for 5 Years
    • 100% ATS Compliant
    • Standard Tech Support
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  • What is CV By Wicky?
    CV By Wicky is a premium service offering personalized, handmade CVs crafted by Wicky David. As India’s only coach who travels across all states to deliver his signature program, The Tiger Session, Wicky creates tailored CVs that reflect your unique strengths, experiences, and career aspirations.
  • What is Market Exposure and Customization?
    Market Exposure and Customization involve circulating your CV in the job market and observing its performance over 30 days. Based on the feedback received, necessary adjustments are made to enhance the CV’s effectiveness, ensuring it meets specific industry demands and stands out to potential employers.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept major credit/debit cards, net banking, and popular digital wallets for payments.
  • Do You Offer EMI?
    Yes, we have partnered with most banks to provide EMI options on the Standard and Premium Plans. There is no EMI option available for the Basic Plan.
  • When will I receive my CV?
    Payment: Complete the payment for your chosen plan. Form Submission: Receive a link to a form to submit your data. Review and Schedule: After submitting the form, your details are reviewed, and a screen-share call is set up: Before 5 PM IST: Screen share scheduled the same evening between 8 PM to 11 PM. After 5 PM IST: Screen share scheduled the next day between 8 PM to 11 PM. Screen Share Call: Session lasts about 45 to 90 minutes. Final CV: Receive the CV within 15 minutes post-session.
  • How long does the screen share last?
    The screen share session lasts about 45 to 90 minutes.
  • How Many Stages are Involved in Making a Hand Made CV by Wicky Premium?
    The process involves two stages: Stage 1: Data Collection, Correction, and Final Design. Stage 2: Market Exposure, Feedback, and Customization.
  • How Much Time is Taken To Make a Final Copy of Hand Made CV by Wicky Premium?
    The entire process, including the initial screen-share session and subsequent market feedback adjustments, typically takes up to 30 days for the final customized CV.
  • Where Should I Submit Data for Hand made CV by Wicky?
    After payment, you will be redirected to a form. You will also receive a link via email to submit your data.
  • What is The Difference in Premium and Other Plans?
    Basic Plan: Standard template, basic corrections, JPEG format, no live editing. Standard Plan: Enhanced design, live editing, PDF format, market corrections, 7 CV variations. Premium Plan: Comprehensive customization, market exposure, video course, 24/7 support, 6 free changes per year.
  • Does Basic Plan Provide Hand Made CV By Wicky
    Yes, Wicky personally corrects the data in the Basic Plan. However, it does not include live customization or advanced features available in the Standard and Premium Plans
  • Who Should Go for Basic Plan?
    The Basic Plan is suitable for those on a low budget but still seeking a professionally corrected CV by Wicky.
  • Does Wicky Hand Make CV in Basic Plan Too?
    Yes, Wicky corrects the data in the Basic Plan. However, it cannot be changed or customized like in the Standard and Premium Plans.
  • Can I later update the plan from basic to standard or premium?
    Yes, you can upgrade by paying the remaining extra amount within 1 week. After that period, you will have to upgrade at the total price.
  • Who Should Choose The Premium Plan?
    The Premium Plan is ideal for those seeking a highly customized CV with extensive market feedback, continuous support, and additional features like multiple CV variations and a video course.
  • Do I get to choose a template?
    There is one standard template optimized for ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). Within this framework, you can choose the formatting and structure.
  • What if I need changes to my CV after it's delivered?
    Depending on your plan, you can request free changes: Basic Plan: 6 free changes per year. Standard Plan: 6 free changes per year. Premium Plan: 12 free changes per year.
  • What Kind of Changes Can be made in free changes?
    Free changes can include updating photographs, contact details, work experiences, or adding the latest skills.
  • What are The Charges After Free Changes?
    After using your free changes, additional changes are charged at Rs. 49/- per change.
  • How many changes can be made for free with premium?
    Only 6 free changes are allowed each year and it cannot be carry forwarded next year.
  • What is the 100% Zero Error Guarantee?
    We guarantee that your CV will be free from errors. If any errors are found, we will correct them immediately at no additional cost.
  • Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?
    Your CV's final copy is made only when you approve and give consent during the screen share session, ensuring your satisfaction with the end result.
  • How do I contact customer support?
    For any queries or assistance, you can reach our support team via email or the contact form on our website. Premium plan customers can also access 24/7 priority support.
  • Is CV By Wicky Good?
    Absolutely. CV By Wicky is a premier service designed by Wicky David, a highly experienced career coach. The service offers bespoke, hand-made CVs tailored to highlight your unique strengths and career goals. With a focus on live data correction, market exposure analysis, and continuous support, CV By Wicky ensures that your CV stands out in a competitive job market. Numerous satisfied clients have experienced significant improvements in their job application success rates, making CV By Wicky a trusted choice for professional CV creation.
  • What are 7 CV Variations?
    Every job post has different requirements. Thus, one format may not fit all applications. We provide up to 7 variations tailored to specific industries, helping you attach the most relevant CV for each job application.
  • How do I start?
    Choose your plan and make the payment. You will then receive a link to submit your data and schedule your screen-share session. Follow the steps outlined to receive your personalized CV.
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