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Partner Program: About
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Bring Learning at Your Institute & Earning in Your Bank.

Organise The Tiger Session THE #1 Program in India Which Comes with GUARANTEE of 100% SUCCESS in Preparing Students & Individuals for Interview Across Any #Industry & is Presented by Mr. Wicky David The CEO of The Training Company for Free & Earn in Lacs in Just A Week.

How Does This Work ? Scroll This Page for More.​

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This is How it Works

Partner Program: Our Programs
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You Had A Great Dinner with Your Family at Your Favourite Restaurant.


Your Stomach Seems To Have A Little Space for Some Dessert & Your Mouth Decided To Notify You with a Craving.


With A Mutual Consent You All Decided To Go for Ice Cream.


You Get into The Car with Yourself in Drivers Seat, Your Lovely Wife on The Next, Your Parents in The Middle Row, While The Kids Settled in The Last.


You Reached The Ice Cream Parlor… Found A Few Seats Vacant Outside at The Usually Crowded Parlor!


Before You All Think About The Flavors…


Your Wife & Parents Decided To Quickly Take Over The Seat & Nominated You Due To Financial Obligations ;) & The Kids Cause They are The Decision Makers, To Get A Scoop of Great Ice Cream for All.


To Avoid Seeing Any Frown on Your Wife’s Face You Spend No Second More To Pull The Door Open & Welcome Yourself in The Paradise of Ice Cream.

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Untitled design (12).png


You are Delighted Seeing The Parlor has More Flavors Than You Can Think of... Right from Tender Coconut To Hazelnut Vanilla To Watermelon…  Name it, They Have it.


You are Sure About Each One Tasting Heavenly.


However, Since You Have “Little Space” That Restricts from Trying All & Also Allotted a “Specific” Budget Cause We Indians are Good at it; You Decided To Short List A Few from Over 100 Flavors.


With Collective & Mutual Agreement Between You & The Little Devils You Short Listed Top 10.


Now You Got To Pick The Best 7 Amongst Them….


How Do You Do it?


You Rely on The Good Old Technique By Tasting A Small Bite of Each Flavor…


So You & The Kids… Take 1 Bite Each from The Shortlisted 10 Flavors Offered by The Attendant Generously


You X 2 Kids X 10 That Equals To 30 Spoons… That Can Make up to Cup Size Ice Cream for 2…


But Guess What Its FREE & You Don’t Have To Pay for Tasting it..!

Untitled design (11).png
Untitled design (13).png


So Finally… After Having Tasted Almost 2 Cups of Ice Cream for FREE ! You ORDERED The BEST Scoop for All Members of The Family Only When You 3 Were Satisfied... Not 50… Not 70… Not 80… Not 99… But 100%


You Paid for 7…& Enjoyed Every Bite of It !

Partner Program: Our Programs

We Follow Similar Model To Offer The Tiger Session with The Right Process.

We Deliver The Tiger Session To 10% Students Selected from Each Dept./ Faculty & Give The Experience Absolutely Free.

Only When These 10% are 100% SATISFIED, The Rest 90% Would Seek The Experience. Which Will Be Monetized.

Business Partners at Work


Our Model

Partner Program: FAQ

Are You Crazy ?

You May Ask...!

What if The 10% Do Not Like Your Program ?

What if The 90% Do Not Take Because of The 10% Participants Testimonies ?

Wicky Isn't This A RISKY Model ?


We Say

What if The 10% Do Not Like Your Program ?

We Want You To Estimate Our Confidence About Delivering The Session.

What if The 90% Do Not Take Because of The 10% Participants Testimonies ?

Records Speak of 100% Positive Feedback for All The Projects Till Date Across All College Categories & Geography.

Wicky Isn't This A RISKY Model ?

Entrepreneur is A Person Who Organises and Manages Any Enterprise, Especially A Business, Usually with Considerable Initiative and Risk. - Dictionary


Your Role

Bring Kids To Taste Free Ice Cream

Organise The Tiger Session for FREE at Your Institute.

Let Them Taste The Session

Let The Word Spread About Our Flavours 

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