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Ashokrao Mane College of Pharmacy, Kolhapur

The Tiger Session was Delivered Under The Campaign #TakeTheWickyChallenge on 2nd February 2018. This was The First Time Wicky Had Been Invited To Deliver The Program for AMCP, Kolhapur & As Usual Like Everywhere Else, Wicky Received 100% Positive Feedback for His Program. Read The Love Below.

Amar Jadhav

He has very knowledge and He has very good personality.

Yogesh Salunkhe

I am fully inspired by today's program. Wicky David Sir gave us useful information which will be helpful for us in future. Thanks Sir for inspiring us. Thank You.

Akshay Phadatare

Mr Wicky David is intelligent and good person. I fully inspired from today's program. He gave us such helpful information to us. Thank You.

Prashant Avinash Kamble

Mr Wicky David is a intelligent trainer and good person. Mr David I am fully inspired from today's soft skill program.

Ankit B Desai

Program facilitator Mr Wicky David Sir given useful knowledge about how to face interview and how will behaviour during interview question. Excellent training program. Thank you Sir.

Chavan Pavan Vilas

The trainer Wicky David are good understanding for me. The trainer are low time get high information in success in our life. Excellent training program. Thank you Sir.

Renuka Talekar

Wicky David Sir is knowledgeable person, he spoke very frankly with student. They gave to idea about how face to interview.

Gayatri Jalandar Bhute

Wicky was really a good person. He is good in communication and easily interact with us. He had shared lots of his experience which was good and can help us in our future. I want to take more knowledge from him.

Namita S Sagavekar

Wicky David is very good trainer. He gave us very much useful information that we can use in our future.

Poonam Arage

The program like this soft skill and the facilitator Mr Wicky David. You are the best facilitator to give more knowledge about job interview and I completely agree with you. Thank you so much.

Sangar Pallavi

Thank you Sir for giving us knowledge it will surely help us in future.


The soft skill workshop is very excellent. This knowledge are apply in future.

Riya Devadkar

Wicky David was an enthusiastic person. He had all very good impact on us.

Priyanka Patil 

Wicky is very smart and Knowledgeable . His overall training is strongly encouraged me. The overall session gave me a lot of confidence.

Pradnya Warke

Wicky David is very good trainer. He gave very useful information about soft skills.

Samrudhi T

Wicky David Sir is the knowledgeable person. He spoke very frankly. He gave the idea about how to face the interview.

Poonam Bakale

Sir gave us very knowledgeable information which is definitely important for and useful in our future.

Mohini Jogdande

The trainer was really knowledgeable. Sir given very knowledgeable information about the soft skills development and how to face interview and resume writing. So thank you Sir... For giving us knowledge.

Pooja A

Overall training program was excellent. The program facilitator Wicky David is a good knowledgeable person. Thank You.

Shital Karade

Overall training is excellent and Wicky gives best knowledge on how to face the interview and please again conduct the session in AMCP. Thank You.


The trainer was knowledgeable. He gave the important skills about how to face job interviews. I will be able to apply the knowledge what I learned from the trainer. The knowledge given by the trainer will helpful to me in my future.

Jyoti Janvekar

The trainer was knowledgeable. He gave the knowledge about the development and job skill.

Ashwini Patil

The overall training is excellent. The trainer is very knowledgeable. The knowledge use for my life. The session is very interesting.

Sayali Gavade

He has very excellent knowledge for this program.

Tejaswini Swami

The trainer is so talented.

Chetana Waghmare

He give very excellent knowledge about the interview and soft skills.

Namrata Bukshet

I agree that trainer was knowledgeable but at some point during résumé writing I have learned some different things while attending different training in past.

Vijaya Dongare

Our trainer Wicky David is very talented.

Shraddhali Patil

The trainer interact with everyone. This soft skills seminar is excellent and I will apply this knowledge.


The workshop or soft skill program of Wicky David Sir is good for me.

Sujata Kamble

Wicky David gives us excellent knowledge which is useful in all over our interview. He speaks in easy language how our behaviour in industry or which place you go interview with positive and smart attitude. Overall this workshop is excellent.

Nikita Munde

The trainer is knowledgeable, he gave excellent information related to resume writing and how to face interview, this will definitely helpful for use.

Pooja Sapkal

Trainer is good because they interact with class easily they given important information related to resume writing. These will be helpful for us.

Tejaswini Yadav

Overall training is excellent , trainer was more knowledgeable and give such a important knowledge to you. This is beneficial for our life.

Snehal Chougule

To give the knowledge, personal development skills. Interview skills and overall soft skills excellent job.


Your good communication with student and your knowledge is excellent.


The trainer is knowledgeable person & his personality is kind with people. He interact with us very frankly.

Simran Naikwade

ccording to me the training was going better, your communication and attitude is very well. I will create that in my future.


The training is good & communication skill is better, trainer was knowledgeable.

Supriya Jadhav

The trainer has excellent knowledge.

Pooja Khot

Our trainer Wicky David is really knowledgeable person. He interact with us as our friend and also encouraged us for participation.


I pay my thanks a lot to Wicky David for giving small - small but very vital information regarding the soft skills, specially about resume writing and personal interview...!

Aldae Rajendra Bharat

Thank you. Nice to meet you, visit again our college.

Shendage Sachin Shankar

Trainer is very knowledgeable.

Pawar Santosh Prathod

Trainer is very knowledgeable I was understand he say about career.

Suryakant Prakash Shewale

It was very good for me or in my future.

Dattatray Pandurang Shinde

The program of the soft skill was is good, I will apply this all knowledge in my future. The Wicky David is so good as a program facilitator. I want to see these program again in my college.

Sanket Madhukar Sakate

Wicky sir was very excellent and his knowledge is very good. He has a very good personality.

Raut Anand Soma

Wicky sir was very excellent and his knowledge is very  good. He has a very good personality and conversation is very good with us.

Pavan Balkrishna Landge

First of all, thank you so much Wicky David for giving such nice and good session, giving some valuable thing which are used in my life. For during job interview. Thank you so much.

Akash Sanjay Kurane

I fully inspired from Wicky David, Wicky David is knowledgeable trainer and training program can be better too but my expectations are fulfilled. Thank you :)

Shrinivas Shirke

Your overall workshop training is good, you are knowledgeable. Thank you sir to give me knowledge.

Ganesh Solankar

Mr Wicky David is a intelligent and good person. I fully inspired from today's program. Thank you.

Rohit L Patil

Nice to meet you, visit again our college.

Uday S Panhale

Thank you, Visit Again.

Ankar Arvind Satpute

Nice to meet you.

Juber Imtiyaj Mulla

Trainer was so good. There attention to the student is very good. The Wicky Sir was very good in the overall training. Thank you Sir.

S Vitthal Pise

Trainer was good, overall training was good. Full to final good training for soft skill.

Swapnil Malkar

The trainer are good communicate with students and give very good knowledge to students.

Sunil Dattatray Magar

Soft skill development program conducted by Wicky David is very beneficial for me. It is truly based on basic question, knowledgeable personality.

Dhavan Dnyandev

The trainer Wicky David is very excellent. The trainer is knowledgeable person, information are good for me in life. The overall communication are good in understanding overall think.

Suhas Mane

The trainer Wicky David was very good in interacting with class, he trained us very well about resume writing, how to answer questions which is going to be in interview.

Hemant Mainkar

He was very knowledgeable and interact to each other. He give the information about the further future aspects that very important to everyone. This will be very useful in future interviews.

Mahamadilai Budansab Sukand

The soft skill development session was very good. The trainer was worked excellently, he gives very well knowledge to me I am thankful to him.

Akshay Nar

The trainer Wicky David was very good in interacting with class. He trained us very well about resume writing, how to answer questions which is going to be ask in interview.

Prasad Shinde

Program facilitator trainer Wicky David  giving useful knowledge about how to face interview and how will behaviour during interview. As per my rating to excellent training today.

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