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Here's Why The  #thetigersession is THE Number 1 Program in India Which Comes with GUARANTEE of 100% SUCCESS in Preparing Students & Individuals for Interview Across Any #Industry.


There are Lacs of Restaurants in India That Serve Biryani But its Only Hyderabad More Precisely One Particular Restaurant Named Paradise Which is Famous for its Biryanis.

Chicken Biryani


What’s Common in These Lacs of Other Restaurant and Paradise? Well, The Ingredient More or Less Remains The Same Such as The Meat, The Basmati Rice, Spices and The Fire on Which its Cook.

Herbs and Spices


What’s Not Common is The Recipe, The Cooking Style & Time, Some Secret Spices & Lastly The Expertise of The Restaurant.

Image by Shreyak Singh


if You Curious To Know The Topics, They are Common To These Programs Such as: Résumé Building or Mock Interviews Etc.

But it’s the Recipe Which Wicky has & The Secret Knowledge That Makes The Tiger Session & Wicky The Number 1 Career Coach in India.

We Bet, You Haven’t Come Across The Learnings Shared in The Tiger Session & A Career Coach Like Wicky David Ever in Your Life. #TakeTheWickyChallenge To Discover for Yourself.


Here is What’s Covered in The Three Day Event. Wicky Proudly Say’s These 3 Days Will Benefit You for The Next 3 Decades.

Cute Girl

Why Choose Wicky David?

While There are Many Training Institutes in The Market, None of Them Can Even Be Termed as The Competitor for Wicky David and his Company. Here’s Why.


Most of The Training Institutes Do Not Have Full Time Trainers Onboard as This is A Seasonal Activity and Affordability Becomes a Concern and That is Where They Hire Free Lancers. These Free Lancers are Available for Trainings at An Average Cost of Rs. 3000/- as Their Per Day Fees. With The Crunch of Manpower in The Training Industry, The Institutes Do Not Bother To Cross Verify The Experience These Trainers Claim. These Companies are Not Even Interested To Assess The Credibility of These Free Lancers and Derive if He or She is The Man for The Job and Whether Should or Should Not Be Given This Assignments.


Our Extensive Research Have Shown These Free Lancers Do Not Have Sufficient on The Job Experience of What They are Preaching and Lacks in Practical Exposure and Thus Create Lapse in Satisfaction.


While at The Training Company, Wicky David The Boss Himself is The Man Who Delivers The Program. Wicky Has Worked with Corporate Intensely for 14 Years on Hiring and Training The Workforce.


He is The Man Whom Companies Have Looked Up To with Their Hiring Needs and Training Programs. With His Strong Connection in The Industry He is Always Aware About The Hiring Trend and Interview Pattern. He trains The HR’s on “How to Hire”.


Having Him Onboard for Your Training Need is Like Having Mr. Bill Gates Himself Visit Your Office for Tech Support.

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