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Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai

The Tiger Session was Delivered Under The Campaign #TakeTheWickyChallenge on 14th & 15th March 2018. This was The First Time Wicky Had Been Invited To Deliver The Program for PDLCCME, Mumbai & As Usual Like Everywhere Else, Wicky Received 100% Positive Feedback for His Program. Read The Love Below.

Shubham A Mishra

Mr. Wicky David is excellent trainer and he has trained to us very smoothly and confidently. We are very thankful to get knowledge by him and will definitely apply in our life.

Irfan Rais Khan

Mr. Wicky David is very appreciable person to whom who does not have experience of corporate world. Its good sharing knowledge with us. Thank you for giving us your important time.

Aanchal K Pandey

Wicky David sir is very knowledgeable person and he also share his knowledge with us and this is very grateful to hear him and his knowledge. When he shares with us is very useful for me and everyone and can apply anywhere at the time of interview.

Shreyash Upadhyay

Thank you so much for sharing our knowledge with us. It was very helpful for me too.

Nisha D Waghela

Thank you for conducting this workshop. And it was very helpful for me as I had no work experience about it. The way you explained was convenient to understand. It almost met my questions which arises. Thank you.

Archana Yadav

The good knowledge about interview, Communication skills are very good and explaining the topic is very nicely.

Divya Kadam

Wicky handled the session very well. He is very knowledgeable & thumbs up to him. Keep giving & sharing your knowledge with students like us.

Archana Poojary

Very knowledgeable, Interaction was good. Good communication.

Ninad Kamat

Good experience with the training session. It will benefit me for many such interviews.

Aditya Bapat

The knowledge learned would definitely help me out in near future.

Barun Singh

Learned new new things which we did not know. Sir helps me in dept on how to be perfect at time. Sir clarify all information regarding interviews.

Jaiprakash Sawant

Wicky sir having good communication skill, it will definitely help me to apply in many interviews.

Jayoti Karnokar

The training was very good. The facilitator was knowledgeable and was helpful for me. Shared good amount of knowledge with us.

Sonali Panda

Training met beyond my expectation. It was so wonderful to have it. Great to have a learning experience. It will surely benefit me for my interviews.

Vishakha Thakur

Everything is good. But please speak Hindi and English both because some people don't understand full English.

Chitransh Soni

Wicky you were fantabulous. There are certain questions where there was confusion how to go about it and you have answered most of the questions. You have provided us the manner how to appear and create impression. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and spending your valuable time for us so that we get a higher priority at whichever place we go. Hope to be in touch and the session was really worth.

Saurabh Sawant

Learned so many innovative ideas about resume and interview skills that never known before.

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