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K.T.H.M. College,

Nasik Maharashtra

The Tiger Session was Delivered on 29th, 30th & 31st January 2018. The Students and Faculty were Very Happy & Surprised with The Content of This Session, Wicky Received 100% Positive Feedback for His Program. Read The Love Below.

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Shubhada Deshmukh

Wicky have proper knowledge of explaining things which were related to face an interview. This tupes of programmes should be done in our college regularly for graduate and master degree students and trainer should be Wicky David.

Shaha Sajeeya Asif

The way by which he interact with students its really good.


Wicky David have an excellent ideas which are helpful as guide us to improvise in our career and future.

Nikita V Wagh

Mr. Wicky your communication skill is very impresive and excellent.

Mujgude Priya Rajaram

You have a good personality. For any training there is need to interact with audience so you have that skill also. Nice to meet you. Thank you.


You are very interactive I did not felt bored. You have a good personality.

Gaikwad Jagruti Hiraman

The trainer have more knowledge. How to give answers...He has skill to explain what he want to say to students.

Vishal Khurdal

Wicky your communication skill is very well and we are open minded.. i.e. You communicate very openly knowledge.


Nice guy, talking and nice speaking.

Harshada Nanaji Nikam

Sir actually mne apka pura session to attend nahi kiya, but fortunetly ye last session kiya, it was excellent. You have that ll qualities which makes students a succesful worker. Par mai apko ek chij batana chahti hun, aap job ke liye worker bana rahe ho, skill develop kar rahe ho, it is good, par unko aap worker se zyada business man/ women bananeke liye motivate karo. Thank you.

Thoke Ashwin Ravindra

The facilitator is well natured with english. Also have good knowledge and easily communication with students as a friend. He told good thigns, which is important in our life and good knowledge about business and our interview, this is very important things in our life hence it is useful.

Chetana Tanaji Shinde

I really enjoyed it a lot. The session is useful and important also, trainer is really knowledgeable to give his experiences.

Pagar Suhas Dattatray

Your training is very excellent and very useful for us.

Ghorpade Anuradha Bajirao

Wicky is a trainer which give excellent useful knowledge to students which is useful in our life. He has good personality, very friendly nature, cool and he cannot stay one place so he is very free minded, He speakes very nice and good.

Mane Sonali

Wicky I like your personality very much, your nature also very frank. And I observed your whole skills I confirmed that you are one of the excellent and ideal businessman. Thank you.


Knowledgeable person and try to give more and more things to the trainee honestly. Wicky's personality is good and the knowledge given by him is very useful for theyouth of India (young generation).

Dumbare Vrushali Prabhakar

Wicky is such a knowledgeable person and Wicky is perfect trainer.

Bhakti Khambait

Wicky is very knowledgeable person. I got a chance to learn so many new and useful things. He is friendly, frank and have a good sense of humour.

Kunde Kalyani Manik

Wicky David is knowledgeable and good trainer.

Roshani Bhaskar Zankar

He is very good speaker and I had impact on listening, he talks with positiveness.

Rajshri Dattatrey P

He is a good trainer.

Priyanka Sonawane

I attend the first lecture of Wicky, it is very excellent and inspired us, He is good speaker. And I am very inspired with him. I like his way to interact with us not as a guider and teacher but as a friend and impress the way which he talking.

Sahil Binnar

Wicky David is a person with postive mind who can transfer this positive energy to other people and make happy and nervous free.

Bahiram Rutuja

Wicky is a person with full of energy and positiveness and very friendly. Solves our queries and gave solution and suggestion to us. What to do and not to do. We enjoy the seminar very well.

Bhushan Pawar

The one thing I appreciate about you is you are trying to involve everyone in the session. Thank you.

Jadhav Pooja Laxman

Wicky your speaking language so nice and you talk polish english. You tried to explain all the things in a short example nice quality.

Gauri B

He is very knowledgeable person. The things he told about the interview, soft skills, is very important in our future.

Shelke Snehal

Confide is good. Excellent Personality, Talk very confidently and very softly which we will understand.

Bhamre Mrunali Suresh

I think, I got good opportunity with interacting to the perfect source.

Suryawanshi Mitali Vilas

Wicky is a nice guy, very cool and friendly. Doesnt feel like that we are interacting with some trainer. It feels like we are interacting with friend and all due to his friendly nature. Good trainer.

Sandhvi Dinesh Bhoj

Best part of Wicky is lecture was "Do Not Call Me Sir". I got the reason by Wicky's lecture that wy I didnt get selected in interview. Wicky's personality is impressive. By spending time, I surely can say on thing that nature of Wicky is friendly and who can give respect to everyone. Thank You. (Many more things but cant express).

Pravin Nagesh Aher

Wicky you are the knowledgeable person, a good trainer and smart.

Shruti Marathe

Wicky khup chan interact jhale aamha saglayansobat khup kahi ashya goshti hotya jya lahan vataychya pan tya professional life madhe kiti mahatvache aahe he Wicky mule samajle. Kunihi impress hoil aase vyaktimatva. Thank You.

Ravina Pekhale

You are doing excellent job :)


Wicky sampurna soft skill chya madhyamatun bharpur kahi shikayla milale. Je kadhihi mahit navte te aamhala tumchya madhyamatun samjle. Heartly Thank You.

Aditi Handore

From first lecutre Mr Wicky David appreicate to us very nicely. This lecture is very useful for our great future. The way he was teaching (talking with us) it is really nice.

Prathamesh Parab

Your personality is very inspiring and influencing

Bhoye Dipali Trambak

Mr. Wicky is good to teach for soft skill program.

Kaveri Gumbade

Mr Wicky is a very good person, He will improve my knowledge for future view, in this program he wll improve my view for career.

Pradnya Sanjay Erande

Mister Wicky is avery intelligent person. He give me very important knowledge which is useful for me. By using the knowledge I will get success in my life. Wicky is a good person, you are a very good teacher. Thank you Wickyfor giving me this knowlegde. Thank you so much.

Rutuja Pagare

Its my first lecture I will attend this soft skills. Mr Wicky David you are very knowledgeable trainer, you will give a very important point how to face in interview, so I will follow that point. Thank you for giving me the knowledge about interview.


It is my first experience to listening about interview, how to face, interact with interviewer. I think no one can explain good than you :)

Sonawane Damini Ramesh

Very friendly and smart.

Shilpa Subhash Shinde

Smart, Technical, Have Ideal Personality.

Pooja Shinde

Wicky David is good trainer, good personality, way of interaction is frank, given small but important tips for interview.


Nice Person and Good Looking.

Snehal Pekhale

Good personality, You are speaking fluently, Good Trainer and Tips Nice.


Wicky David is very helpful, courageble and a excellent person and Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.

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