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L S Raheja College,


The Tiger Session was Delivered Under The Campaign #TakeTheWickyChallenge on 7th March 2018. This was The First Time Wicky Had Been Invited To Deliver The Program for L S Raheja College, Mumbai & As Usual Like Everywhere Else, Wicky Received 100% Positive Feedback for His Program. Read The Love Below.

Anchal Rai

The trainer was knowlegeable for the interview and the best explaination.

Saurab Raut

The training was excellent, good it will help in future.

Rutuja Madgulkar

The trainer was knowlegeable, he tries to interact and encourage class participation. It was overall a good session.

Krushanu Shah

The trainer helped me clear many doubts and was much supportive.


Due to this seminar, I came to know how resume is formed, what is the proper meaning of hobby. It was very informative session.


The session was impressive and knowledgeable.


At the time if any query then the sir help us to know what the problem or what the right way to go ahead.


The training session was good and helpful.

Abu Majid Mohd Umar

Program facilitator has a good experience , as he give good effort to communicate with students.

Ashwini D

Woul like to have more sessions in the college with Wicky David, Session was knowledeable and want to know more abput the soft skills.

Sapna Verma

It was a great opportunity to learn from Mr. Wicky David.


We got nice knowledge from Wicky David. We would love to have this seminar again.


The seminar was good, It was knowledgeable and worth listening. We got to know the do's and don'ts in an interview.

Vijay M

The knowledge given by the trainer was very good. I will further use this knowledge in all the future whenever required. Visit again for a session next time whenever possible, If any query be in touch, Il contact you.

Shruti Mode

I felt very interactive and how I can apply for interview and resume.

Shaikh Yasmeen

This session was very helpful and was very interesting and interactive. Wicky David was interactive and training was well enough.

Suresh P

The session instructor is strongly knowledgeable. The instructor speaking skill is awesome.

Manali Patil

Wicky Sir was very good at interacting. The things which he told us are very helpful and I look forward that he comeback for another helpful session.

Akansha Gupta

Mr. Wicky David, I liked the way you guieded us, I will be thankful to learn much more from you. Thank you.

Megha Bhosle

This session met my expectations. Wicky sir was highly knowledgeable. I look forward that he come back for another session and guide us the way he did today.


Wicky David was very good to interact, good knowledge from him.

Ashish Chavan

Soft skills seminar is very helpful to develope interview skills/ communication skills.

Jinal Trivedi

Till now I think this is the best seminar and as per the recent requirement I think that is the best for our future.

Rahul Negi

I would like to say that Wicky David is a good and appreciable trainer. I got to learn something unique

Govind Gupta

The program facilitator is very good at explaining somethin,g he is excellent and it helps me to learn a lot.

Vivek Gupta

The session by Wicky sir was very good. I wanted the session to be a bit longer cause Sir has to rush on certain topics :)

Shruti G

Provided us with knowledge which we were unknown, good personality and communication skills and very interactive.

Jimit Shah

The trainer was very much friendly with the students, there was very good interaction and communication in the session.

Kiran Indulkar

The trainer was good in communication and encourage audience.

Clarke D'souza

The trainer was student friendly and he was very interactive and encouraged us to share our knowledge.

Manish Tiwari

Strong personality, shared something which we were unknown till now, especislly the question and answer parts, and more precise how to answer "about myself".

Ayyushi Khanna

The facilitator was quite interactive and good at his speech. Interacting with him helped to know alot about the corporate world. He helped in knowing the changes tat have taken place in the corporate world in a particular period. Interacting with him again would be more beneficial, he helped in clearing our doubts and advising us about our know hows.

Johnson D'souza

The speaker was knowledgeable, a very good speaker and could interact well with the crowd, overall the session was very good.

Jagruti Parab

College should have give more time duration for this session.

Ranjit Gowda

The ACC model of Wicky is helpful as per my knowledge.


Wicky was very much interactive and the activity helped us in lot many ways. Wicky have a very good knowledge about the industry, he is updated with most of the recent trend and news.

Jinal Jain


Sneha Gondawane

Friendly and Humorous.

Pooja Raut

Wicky David gave us the full knowledge in the training session. He is a very good speaker.

Atul Bahera

I want to become a speaker in future, if got a chance, want to become like you sir, excellent speaker, had a great session.

Hemali Joshi

I experience a lot if things from you Wicky, I had fear of confidence, but seeing your confidence of speaking, I am encouraged. I will try my best and increase the communication and confidence, thank you for guidance.

Nikita Jethwa

I personally don't think you need to improve yourself as your session was very good and knowledgeable for me and hope everyone. 

Priyanka Bhist

You were extremely good, the session engaging along with knowledge, you have a very good humour.

Neha Chaurasiya

Awesome session, and it has increased the confidence in me.

Adarsh Viswakarma

The facilitator of this session Wicky David is a nice person, he interact with us his knowledge about the session is very good. The session was excellent.

Aishwarya Pawar

The trainer has a very good communication, the session was excellent with knowledge.

Fanny Mendes

The trainer was good enough in explaining us the session that was based on, the knowledge will be really helpful in future.

Samruddhi Pawaskar

Knowledge you provided us will be useful in future.

Kajal Mulgaonkar

Mr. Wicky is very kind, soft spoken person, The knowledge given by him will surely help me in future.

Shivani Tiwari

He was good in interaction, asking us the questions and if we dont no the answer he was giving the answers. Today's session was very helpful to me and very different which I learned from him.

Mamta Raut

Mr Wicky was good throughout the whole seminar, and got great knowledge from him, just the time span was the only bad part.. Thank you.

Rosa Fernandes

It was positive and knowledgeable to understand for our future.

Nireeksha Solanki

The trainer was very friendly and funny and it helped us to open up and speak.


The trainer is very understanding while talking and talking skills very nice.

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