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White Structure

Saraswati College,

Shegaon, Maharashtra

The Tiger Session was Delivered Under The Campaign #TakeTheWickyChallenge Between 9th & 11th March 2018. This was The First Time Wicky Had Been Invited To Deliver The Program for Saraswati College & As Usual Like Everywhere Else, Wicky Received 100% Positive Feedback for His Program. Read The Love Below.

Shubhangi Jondhalekar

The trainer is knowledegeable, A very nice personality, Frank with student and not rude.

Kajal Bhandare

The training was beyond my expectation, I like to being part of this training. The overall training was very good to me, it help me in future so its very helpful to me, thank you so much sir.

Madhuri Dhage

The overall training was very good and I think it will be beneficial for all the students who had attend this, thank you Sir for giving us proper knowledge about the interviews and its preparation.

Ashwini Bodade

First of all thank you very much Wicky Sir for coming here and guide us, this is my first experience to face interview, I think you are the best guider, I am satisfied from this training, thank you.

Minal Awachar

Sir I want to say you that according to me you are excellent trainer, My expectations are fulfilled about this training and I want to get more training from you to grow up myself. I heartily want that from you sir, thank you.

Anjali Mal

Thank you ! Sir I was very glad to join your training, Sir It was my first training and I feel very good, Thank You. Have a nice day :)

Vaishnavi D

Sir your knowledge is excellent and personality also good, your communication knowledge is very perfect a good thank you.

Manisha Sonone

Sir your training is very good for the students and your communication skills is very good, lots of skill can give students from yourself, I am thanking to you for the great journey.

Ankita Dhage

Wicky is the best trainer in my life, they give various information about interview and question and answer, I am so happy to get useful knowledge about interview, thank you sir thank you very much.

Rohini Thome

Sir your training is very good for a students future suggestion. Lots of skills student give and also me for training three day, I hope you Sir best of luck sir for your future and also thanking sir for giving time, for all the student a good suggestions and knowledge, thank you sir.

Kalyani Ghangale

The training session is too good, students got too much experience from this session and trainer is too much cheerful with best personality.

Komal Verma

What you teach us that is very important and helpful for us. Thank you sir for giving us proper training and I am happy from your training, it is very helpful, Once again thank you so much have a nice journey :)

Neha Mondule

Excellent knowledge gave its nice too and easy to understand me and that will be thing I newly learned and also understand my weakness, Sir very easy to cleared some things.

Amruta Ghotal

In training you teach us some important things, gives us knowledge that will be useful for me in future life, thank you.

Kalyani Bharambe

That was excellent program in my overall life, I wish these program will be come again in my life, I am thankful for learn interview and all.

Puja Dhote

I think this will be good opportunity to interact with you, I have much better knowledge from you not only about interview but also presence of mind, i.e. How to handle any situation, Thank you.

Harshada A

Hello Wicky !! You are very talented, I am impressed by you, I am very happy to say that I am satisfied with this training, all the queries about the resume is understand and thank you.

Komal Narkhede

Wicky was a good trainer and speaker and I like the confidence of teaching, I gain lot of knowledge from these trainings.


Wicky was really good speaker and knowledgeable person and easily explain each and every thing with particular manner, Wicky was excellent interactive speaker.


Sir was really encouraging, gave us good knowledge aboyut interview. The way he taugt us was very friendly, I learnt good sklls for interview point of view.


Sir really give me a good knowledge, it will help to my job interview, He was fulfil my mistake about resume and make my resume correct and best for interview.

Swati Unone

Wicky was a good speaker and knowledge, I gain so much knowledge for the training session, I will increase my confidence for this session.

Renu Pahurkar

Thank you so much sir, you conduct this session, In three day I was learn more about my carrier object and my development only because of you once again thank you much you change my fear about interview.

Poonam Lanjulkar

According to me you are awesome and even so friendly with us while interacting, and this impacts me the most, I wish I could work with you atleast few years. Thank you sir, I am not calling you Wicky because your just deserve this, thank you.


Training is so good, I got knowledge about how interview is done, what types of questions ask.. How to speak etc, thank you so much for giving such type of opportunity. Training is so good, I got knowledge about how interview is done, what types of questions ask.. How to speak etc, thank you so much for giving such type of opportunity.

Aayushi Jaiswal

Training was good, person is fully knowledeagble after training I am getting much knowledge about interview, thank you so much knowledge so well.

Shivani Bangale

Sir you are very encouragable and knowledgeable, more than things that I can learnt you, your communication skills, behaviour and talking to any person behaviour is very fluent and this proof to the your perfect, so I am very encourage to your thoughts which is you share with us, I am very thankful to you.


Speaking about the trainer, he is excellent to train us and making me confidently speak.

Pooja Bobade

From 1st day to 3rd day Wicky showed his knowledeg also shared with us polietly, he has excellent communication skills.


Trainer is good and overall training is excellent.


Training is so good.

Nikita T

I have feeling is much better, the program facilitator is knowledgeable and talented.

Rajeshwari Sonane

I have really feeling much better to attend this three days training, If I get opportunity to attend next time this training session I ready, Thank you so much sir and for giving this three days training. I feel comfortable after attending this session. Thank you.

Pooja Girhe

Respected Sir, I would like to say that you are good trainer as well as good person, in three days we have learn lot of things. We enjoy your session, thank you for giving your time and knowledge. Your nature is so frankly we was not getting bore..your session we enjoyed it and learn lots of things will use this things in my life also, thank you. Your student.

Kanchan Waghmare

Thank you for giving me asking question, firstly sir you are the best and knowledge so nice...talking...language..etc very nice... Thank you sir...

Kiran Wakade

I would like your interview and you are good person and good trainer. Thank you.

Yogita Kadale

The training session is excellent, I got knowledge about interviews. This session is helpful for me.

Aarti Dhanokar

Your training is so good...I learned something new from you.. Your personality is awesome.

Pallavi Patil

The training session was really good for me as I got knowledge about resume, interviews and how to think and prepare yourself before going to an interview. Thank you.

Dipali Sontakke

Good Person...Knowledgeable quality of connecting with everyone and thank you.

Ankita R

You are so knowledgeable, talented and smart person. You will have all the qualities thats define you are the give respect to each and every person, in three days I learn so many things from you. Thanks a Ton !

Om Kubare

Wicky you are so better for my expectation about the training also increase my peformance by ae inteligent and very nice. Also so good looking and I think I follow your training style.

Umesh Bole

To Wicky, thank you Mr. Wicky to share my feedback to you. It is a very good experience with you as a student...will be help me for my future.. You are encouraging person.. keep this work for us to connect people and these knowledge. Thank you.

Kanhaiya Agarwal

Thank you so much Wicky David to encouraged and learned about knowledge, nice to meet you.

Sachin Mishra

Sir this is my first program and I attend your program and I am impress your training, knowledge and experience.

Danish Ahmad

Thank you so much Wicky to encourage and learned about interview and some extra knowledge. I am very happy to meet you. Hope to meet you again.

Shubham Hande

Speaking about Mr. Wicky David. I felt nice and encouraged during this session, I am very glad to attend this workshop under your guidance.

Rahul Agrawal

Speaking about Wicky, he is nice speaker. He has much ability to explain very well. Over all the training is good.

Pushpak Ranpise

This is my first interview training. And your very excellent to give knowledge to the students, thank you for your guidance.

Shubham K

Sir, you ae so handsome, I like your nature, attitude and smile, you are so motivational speaker, I like you as a friend you are good looking, I love you Sir.

Akash Dhogade

Wicky this is my first program which I participated and I was really impress by your training, knowledge, interaction with all other students. This training which should be inspired me by lot of knowledge. I think you should be taking many more program. Thank you :)


You are give very important knowledge in a very good manner.

Vaibhav Choudhari

Sir., you are best knowledgeable and best experience.

Gorakhnath Sarode

Wicky, I like your training session of 3 days, I really gaining more and more knowledge, I thank you so much Wicky.

Md Mudassir Shaikh

Wicky, I like your training of 3 days, I get to apply the knowledge in my life, training is good, Thanking You.

Dhiraj Dane

Wicky, I like your training for 3 days, I like the most important thing you share the real life personal experience with us and there experiences truly relates with the training work. Thank you, so much for providing such knowledge

Tushar Dhanorkar

Wicky is surely a very knowledgeable person and I wished that I could have been able to learn much more from him but due to time shortage I cant.

Ravindra Thakur

So frank and lovely personality and specially I like your shoes.

Dnyaneshwar Jadhav

Wicky fulfilled all my expectation of soft skills training.

Shrikrushna Shevalkar

I like your nature and attitude Wicky, You are good speaker, I am inspired by you, you are good looking.

Saurabh Chaudhari

Overall in this session that will be to get a knowledge and build the expectation for the job.

Harish Jadhav

Most appropriate and best knowledge in this session. Best training.

Sagar Kholgade

Most appropriate and best knowledge and excellent teaching by Sir and I will try to apply what I learn from you.

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