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SRKR Engineering College,


The Tiger Session was Delivered Between 12th & 24th August 2018. This was The First Time Wicky Had Been Invited To Deliver The Program for SRKR and in Andhra Pradesh & As Usual Like Everywhere Else, Wicky Received 100% Positive Feedback for His Program. Read The Love Below.


You are Very Interactive. I Liked The Way How You Explined The Things with Practical and Personal Examples. I Personally Liked The Concept of Saving Money and How You Explained The Connetion Between Every Second and Money.


This is The Best Session Till I Have Heard Wicky. The Way You Delivered The Speech So Interactive. Actually I Had Many Doubts About Strenght and Weakness, You Cleared it in 10 Minutes.

Guna Sekhar N

You are Very Good at The Way You are Explaining and Communicating with Students. Encouraging Each and Every One.

M Pavan Kumar Reddy

Wicky is Good with His Voice and it is Clearly Audible and The Good Thing About His Training Session is I Didn't Get Bored and Sharing His Experience in Interview is Really Good Thing for Us.

K Jagadeesh

Wicky, You Have Increased Confidence in Me and I Hope You are Make Me More Confident Because I Feel it is My Weakness. This is The Best Class I Have Ever Experience Other Than Technical Subjects.


Valuable Information About Time Management Which was Related To Money as it Inspires A Lot. It is A Very Great Opportunity To Interact with You Wicky.

Vamsi Krishna B

Awesome Session, Learnt Many Things.


This was The Wonderful Session. I Never Had Such A Wonderful Experience About Career.


Absolutely Loved Your Way of Narrating A Story for Each Concept.

K Rama Chandra Reddy

Wicky Has A Very Friendly Behaviour and Given Live Examples What He Had Done Already in Life. He Gave Lot of Confidence To Stood Up in Life. Nice Teaching.

R Gandhi Krishna

Nice Session with You and I Noticed Time Management as You Don’t Want TO Waste The Time, as The Session was Started You Shared Something Important I Will Also Practice What I Learnt from You, Thank You.


The Information Delivered is Very Good and Purely in Different Approach, The Examples About The Practical Situations in Life are Interesting and Best Needed for Us.

Kunam Srikanth Reddy

1. The Best Trainer I Have Met in My Life. 2. Very Interactive. 3. Session is Enjoyable. 4. Must Have Taken for More Time. 5. Thank You Wicky Atleast Now I Will Think on Myself, Good Explanation on Résumé. Like To Hear More from You.

G S K Ashok

The Class Which You Took is So Much Useful in My Life, There are So Many Things in Which I Have To Change. As You Said at The Beginning of Session That Your Way of Training is Different, Absolutely Your Training is Different, Thank You Wicky.

G Shiva Kumar

No Trainer Can Help Me To Think Than You Did. Very Useful, The Voice is Clearly Audible, But Some Words are Very Slow, Just Work on it. Great Lecture on Rupee I Never Forget That, Thank You Wicky.

M S Sekhar

Hi Wicky, My Name is M S Sekhar, I Have Learnt So Many Things in Your Session Such as How To Learn from Failures, How To Manage Time. You are Absolutely Cool and Perfect. I Like Your Attitude.

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